Pre-Planning For Any Stage of Life


Preparation and talking about your wishes are great steps in growing a better relationship with death. 

We help with Health Care Directives

Death Plans (think Birth Plans) 

Organizing things like funeral insurance and planning, care plans, disposition of sentimental items and legacy plans for leaving a lasting memory

Family-led Death Care


Customized, holistic care plans to meet your needs in facing the end of life, whether it's yours or someone close.

The support offered is available to ensure your comfort and wishes are at the forefront of decisions being made.

Home Funerals & Community Death Care


Empowerment for reclaiming family-centered practices, or the 'old way' as many refer to it. 

It can be healing to the grieving process to take care of a loved one's body.

We will advocate for you and support your participation to your comfort level.

If you are interested in having a home funeral, we will help you with the paperwork and logistics.

Pet Death


Support for your beloved pet's end of life, whether you choose to be present for their last moments, or require a compassionate stand-in to be present with them, we’ve got your back

Unwinding a Loss


The death of a loved one can leave a person feeling overwhelmed with tasks at a most sensitive time.

Unwinding Life is available to help navigate through and organize the process with you.

Education and Workshops


We believe that one of the best ways to alleviate discomfort about death is to arm yourself with knowledge!

 Click below for opportunities to do so through upcoming events & helpful links.